Remarketing and retargeting

At WebsitebuilderBG we use both remarketing, as well as retargeting, to influence customer behavior and promote your brand, products and services.


Retargeting and remarketing

In addition to running an email remarketing campaign and digital ads, we can strategically place targeted ads in front of previous visitors in a different off-site location, to maintain high awareness and encourage future engagements. We use email remarketing, AdWords retargeting, search retargeting and retargeting marketing, to keep us interested, to build traffic and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Retargeting and remarketing are two effective digital marketing tools, that re-engage visitors, after they present an initial interest in it, what you sell, with the eventual goal of driving them back to your site and driving them to a successful conversion. Although they are similar terms with similar purposes, remarketing and retargeting have a distinct difference, as far as strategy is concerned.

is the act of re-engaging customers through email reminders and / or promotions.

is the act of bringing customers back through targeted advertising.


Questions and Answers

To understand why remarketing and retargeting are such important parts of any digital marketing campaign, you must first understand why they are needed in the first place.

Many businesses are afraid to engage potential customers with remarketing or retargeting techniques, but the statistics show, that these methods are incredibly effective at closing the deal on abandoned sales(cart).

An interesting fact is that while the average click-through rate for general PPC ads is only 0,07%, remarketing click through rate is 10 times higher than 0,7%

And as for turning off those leads with targeted ads and emails, the statistics show, that only 11% of users have negative feelings about advertised ads. 30% report "very positive" reactions to retargeting. This way you are much more likely to refer a visitor.
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In a word: all. All websites, who have something to sell, they should actively seek ways to reconnect with visitors, who have expressed a clear interest (but not that far, that they have made a completed purchase). There is a lot to gain from effective remarketing and retargeting strategies, and much to lose, if we do not fulfill them.

This, that a potential customer has left your website, without making a sale, does not mean, that you must lose it for sure. If you can master remarketing and retargeting, you can touch a large part of the market, which is already created to convert your site.


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