content marketing

content marketing, to put your audience at ease. For this you will need a content marketing agency, that understands the keys to clear communication and has a process to implement rapid content ranking.


content marketing

Content is more than just keywords. There are four ultimate goals for creating content. He must either entertain, educates, persuade or inform. WebsitebuilderBG knows, that engaging content can help your company get noticed in an otherwise competitive environment. Our efforts to increase brand awareness by distributing content through targeted channels, will increase your company's online positioning.

Content Rating

Our team will do an initial audit and take stock of your current content – ​​what can be improved and what needs to be removed. WebsitebuilderBG prioritizes content, which can easily rank for targeted keywords. Then we evaluate what your strongest content is and how we can use that list for further reach. If you have outdated content, which needs to be updated, we also note that.


Content marketing services

We also analyze your current distribution channels and how your competitors distribute materials. This helps us determine which content types and platforms work best for you.

As an SEO and content marketing agency, we offer the best marketing and optimization services, as for search engines, so does your target audience. All our copywriters are trained in the principles of search engine optimization, to improve your site's ranking.

What does it include??

If you have the time and energy to put an action plan in place for your business, WebsitebuilderBG provides consulting services, to help you continue your ascension. Corporate consulting includes:
Table of Contents and Audit
A fully developed online marketing plan
Measured data and reporting every month
A dedicated SEO and digital marketing team

content marketing

When we develop a stream of marketing content, we use several different vehicles, to ensure, that you get maximum exposure. These include the following, but not limited to:
Email marketing and newsletters contain company updates, news and sneak peeks at exciting campaigns and future sales.
Educational tools such as webinars and podcasts are another alternative to written text, which is popular and shared.
Content marketing services offer effective ways to manage your customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty and generating new sales. With the growing power of social media marketing and audience development, strategic content will generate a significant return on investment for the business. Contact WebsitebuilderBG for your custom, competitive plan today.


Regular reporting

Targeted campaigns must show increased effectiveness and deliver real results over time. Our solutions are created, to understand exactly how your customer relationships are growing. WebsitebuilderBG is monitoring the progress, to see which methods are most effective.

The key to successful content marketing is accurate tracking and measurement, so you can see a return on investment. As a content marketing company, we invest in project management platforms, that allow us these possibilities. We focus on goals within which are aimed at profitability for your business.

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