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We at WebsitBuilderBG are a team of professionals and creators in the field of web design, SEO optimization and marketing.

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About us

We at WebsitBuilderBG are a team of professionals and creators in the field of web design, SEO optimization and marketing. We already have over 5 years of experience in designing and maintaining websites in Bulgaria and around the world. We offer you an individual approach, attention to detail and creative ideas and always keeping up with the latest design trends, SEO optimization, advertising and online marketing. Tell us your business ideas and we will help you realize them successfully!

The team!

The people, who sent a request to Greenwich to extend the day by a few more hours




Ilia is 34 years old. In addition to being the owner, he is also a marketing expert in #WebsitebuilderBG. Great professional and perfectionist. 👌🏻👨🏼‍💻The man, which goes beyond the meaning of the word pedantic. The rule applies to him either everything will be as it should be or I won't participate. He defines himself as a curious and organized person, who always looks for the reason behind things and finds it difficult to accept the answer "because". In his spare time he likes to travel and be among friends. He is allergic to getting up early, so he locks the office 😁🔐🚪




Stefan is 32 years old. In addition to being the owner, he is also an expert sales manager in #WebsitebuilderBG. The strategy man, graduated in Marketing and Management from MTM College. 📚👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍🎓In his spare time he likes to watch and play football. I'm a big fan of Barcelona! ⚽️We asked him what inspires him every day?The people around me! I am motivated by customer approval – when the other party is satisfied with the work done.🤜🏻🤝




Hristo is 34 years old. and is a citizen of the world. He is everywhere and at all times. Освен собственик, Izzo is also our lead developer at #WebsitebuilderBG. He is the man, which can work 24/7 with the support of 2/3 the chocolate. 🍫🍫🍫The man, who never says it won't happen… and then regrets it, until you do.💻📱🤘🏻



Administrative and financial manager

Meet Gergana. She is on 33 years and is one of the most important shots of #WebSiteBuilderBG. Gergana or as we all call her- Gerry, is our administrative and financial manager, without it, our work is half done. She is an extremely organized person, and she cares a lot about it, as good organization is an extremely important and constant part of her day.On a personal level, travel and Italy are her passion, but it should always be according to plan, however, she is always ready to stop by for some Italian delicacies. Of course, there is still time for a book, although with her daughter Daria, the game is more fun.


graphic designer

Introducing Ina Spasova - graphic and web designer in #WebsitebuilderBG. Ina is on 25 years from. Sofia. She graduated from the New Bulgarian University with a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. 👩🏼‍🎓👩🏼‍💻🦁What can we tell you about her?? She is COOL, smiling, prides himself on his sense of responsibility and discipline. She is addicted to coffee, has a phobia of traveling by subway. 🌸🌻🌞


Office Manager

Meet Verginia or as we all call her Vergie. She is an office manager at #WebsitebuilderBG. She is the WONDER woman with the most contagious laugh. 🦸‍♀️Vergi describes himself as a positive and dedicated person. In his free time, he likes to be with his son, who is as brave as his name. 👩‍💻💻❤️



Back-end developer

Todor is 23 years old. and is a developer in #WebsitebuilderBG. He is currently studying computer systems and technologies at the University of Ruse. In his free time he likes to tinker with his car. In a word – nice guy – disturbing and frank.


Lily S.

Sales specialist

Meet Lili Stoilova on 23 , in #WebsiteBuilderBG, holds the position of sales specialist, in one of our offices in Blagoevgrad. He comes every morning with a smile on his face, by necessarily bringing something sweet for colleagues. He always succeeds in dispelling any wrong opinion, with undeniable facts. She is tireless at work and always ready to answer any of your questions.



junior developer

Angie is on 24 years and is a developer in #WebsiteBuilderBG. The challenges before her do not daunt her, because she is armed with tenacity and optimism. Graduated in information systems and technologies. Amateur photographer, likes rock music, likes long walks in nature, this is how she feels charged with positive energy.



junior developer

Willy is on 24, recently graduated from New Bulgarian University majoring in "Telecommunications and Computer Systems" with professional qualification "Computer Engineer". Extremely nice, dedicated and sincere. Her best qualities are patience and creativity. Professionally, she feels satisfied with a job well done, and rest for her is a cold cocktail on the Greek coast.



Sales Manager

Meet Nikolai. He is on 21 years, sales manager by profession #WebSiteBuilderBG. Nikolay loves challenges. In his dictionary the word ”issue” is missing, as he is ready with his decisions of the moment. With an extremely rich vocabulary, he has an idea in every single situation. We call it ”boy fury”. Young, ambitious, motivated and always ready to unleash his full potential! In personal plan, likes to travel, whether it's a spontaneous trip, daring adventure or luxury vacation!



Administrative projects specialist

Introducing Diana, at the age of 27, sales specialist in #WebsiteBuildeBg, With your professionalism, she will help you in your choice, how to present your website in the best light, to delight your users, when they visit him. Diana is a super mother of a little lady and knows how to combine work and her child so well, leaving time for a coffee and a little reading of her favorite book.



Consultant corporate clients

Monica is 27 years old. and by profession is a sales expert in #WebSiteBuilderBG. The man, for whom the word “impossible”, does not exist. Moni is the living example of expert opinion, what you need, to have the perfect web business card. Mother of two “crazy kids”. The fear of reptiles, it does not prevent him from doing his favorite outings with his family, in nature. Although she doesn't see it, she is always ready to fold a chocolate.


Catch it

consultant corporate clients

Meet Fatty, for 25g. from Blagoevgrad. AT #WebSiteBuilderBG she holds the position of Sales Specialist. The right person, who you can count on, that will offer the best for your website. Possessing the ability to bewitch the interlocutor, which allows her to be perfect and dedicated to her work. Of course, that doesn't stop her from doing her two favorite things, the trip and to be with her daughter, which she loves very much. There is always time left to make some sweets, to share with colleagues.



Sales specialist

Alexandra is 33 years old. and is a sales specialist in #WebSiteBuilderBG.In our office in Petrich, Alex will welcome you with coffee and an offer for your website, you can't leave without her answering every question professionally. Mother of two wonderful children. Her passion for the Orient, makes her visit more and more Middle Eastern countries, for now Turkey fascinates her the most. He likes to be around his friends and family.



Sales specialist

Meet Violina Serezlieva, for 25g., Specialist Sales in #WebsitebuilderBG. She defines herself as a positive and fighting person. He does his best in the office, to satisfy the wishes of our customers, and in his free time he likes to be with his family. He can't cook, but he likes to eat.