SEO optimization

An SEO audit is an easy way to check the performance of your site. It should be performed regularly, to ensure, that every aspect of every page is perfectly optimized, to rank high in the major search engines. Whether your business site is brand new or has been operating for years, a regular audit of the site gives the guarantee, necessary to successfully reach the desired audience.

SEO optimization

The dangers of bad SEO

Today's marketing landscape is about more than ads. From your site's content to its metadata (and everything in between) every single factor on your website plays an important role in helping search engines determine your ranking in keyword queries. To understand why it is so important to get one of the desired top organic search results, consider the following statistic:

  • – 93% of all online searches start with Google.
  • – 75% of people never make it past the first page of search listings.
  • – 70% -80% of searchers are skipping the exact paid results to the organic listings.
  • – For 57% by B2B marketers SEO is the most effective marketing activity.

If you don't rank at the top, you're not reaching your audience. It's as simple as that. Fortunately, Our website SEO audit services help ensure, that your site ranks high and you get those desired clicks.

Our SEO audit process

When you hire our SEO firm, to consult about your SEO, you get a fully comprehensive service, which looks at every detail of your positioning, as well as a personalized team of agency experts, dedicated to optimizing your website. Our SEO audit starts with a thorough look at your website and a full SEO audit. This includes:

Technical SEO analysis

Page Analysis

Off-site analysis

Analysis of the competition

Keyword research

Once we go through this thorough discovery process, we will provide you with a detailed plan, which provides key SEO information about your business – including any errors or inconsistencies found – and our marketing recommendations to improve your SEO and rank higher in search. The purpose of our SEO audit is to provide you with all the information, which you need, to improve your rankings and increase your traffic, so your business can succeed.

In addition to the website, your SEO team will also review your Ads account, to see if your campaigns are properly optimized, as well as your social media accounts. We will spare no effort and help you create a strong web presence, to stay ahead of the competition and position yourself in front of the right consumers.

SEO optimization

Search optimization for better business

SEO optimization is constantly evolving. В WebsitebuilderBG, our top priority is to keep up with all aspects of SEO, including what works, what not and what we can do, to better support our customers in their ambitions. And since so many of the changes, which are done in search engine ranking algorithms, are technical, we have built a strong team of technically focused SEO experts with a keen eye for optimizing your site structure.

Just like you regularly take your car in for maintenance, so should your business website receive systematic SEO audits, to guarantee, that it works effectively. We recommend a professional SEO audit before introducing new campaigns or large projects, as well as after site updates and on a regular schedule of your choice.
Let WebsitebuilderBG help you unlock the full potential of your business website with a full SEO audit. You'll learn what doesn't work, what it is and how to improve your web presence for even better traffic and conversions. To get started with your professional SEO audit, call us at +359 877 200 215 or email us at

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