Website audit and research

Website Audit and Research or Is Your Website Good Enough?? A question, which many people have asked themselves, and maybe not. Request a free audit of your website or do a quick audit through our system.


Website audit and research

In short, in 21 century and especially in recent years there have been amendments and new standards. For example, what should be the design of the site, what functionalities its users need, how to make it more convenient for them, what is its charging speed, from a legal point of view, is everything done correctly and more.

We know, that it becomes confusing for a person, who does not deal with it professionally, and needs a website for his business. It is for this reason that we offer the audit service. Through it our team will be able to tell you, in which aspects your site is good and which should be thought about and adjusted if necessary.

The most common mistakes, which are noticeable is the lack of a mobile version, outdated look and last but not least not well designed for customer use, UX in short (user experience).

What does it include??

Functionality and UX
Loading speed
SEO optimization
Legal requirements

Audit and research the website and the keywords that are important to you

The second part of this service is your keyword research and analysis of your site's performance on Google. Undoubtedly, design and functions matter a lot, but if your website has no visitors, they won't matter much. You may want to just have a site, and you may want to be discovered and do business through it. To make this one, what you will need is SEO optimization, and the other – comprehensive digital strategy.

After performing the audit, we will research what words would have a positive impact on your search engine rankings, and also what errors are currently being made in the optimization. Experience shows us, that very often there are at least a few admitted ones.

You handle the business, and leave the website work to us!

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