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The hosting service, domain and SSL certificate are essential to create a website.

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What is hosting??

Internet hosting is a service, which is connected to an internet server, which allows organizations and individuals to serve content on the Internet. Most- the common type of hosting is web hosting, which allows a certain number of users (web sites) to share disk space, resources and software applications on a single server, with each user receiving a separate account with certain limits and parameters.


What is a domain ?

The domain is simply the name of the site. Every site needs a domain, to be accessible.
The purpose of domain names is to designate resources or services in the online space, which have their own unique name, but must also meet certain requirements.
Domain registration happens after research in a domain search engine, whether the name you invented already exists, if it is free. The domain name can then be transferred to different hosting companies.

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What is an SSL certificate and why is it useful??

An SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a separate security protocol, which is used by web browsers and web servers, to protect users' personal data when visiting a website.
The SSL certificate contains “public” and “personal” key, through which the information is automatically verified and encrypted. This means, that when a user visits your website, which has an SSL certificate enabled the server uses “the public one” key, to provide an encrypted connection to the browser. The browser automatically confirms, when the certificate is valid, that its owner has verified it and visiting the website is secure.
It is important to secure your website, so that users can have peace of mind about their personal data when visiting your website and do not have to worry about browsing and searching for information on it.


What is GDPR??

European directive on the new regulation for the protection of personal data, accepted on 25 May 2018. It is integrated on the site as a privacy policy, which explains what personal data a given company needs (Name, telephone, email, company name etc.), how they come together, what they are used for and how they are stored.

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