Email marketing

At WebsitebuilderBG, we recognize the value of email advertising and specialize in creating relevant content, which generates a positive response for our customers.


Email marketing

When you hire our team, to control your email marketing efforts, you get personalized attention and a skilled group of professionals, dedicated to getting results. We will create well-written emails, targeted specifically for your email recipients, with a strong focus on every detail, to be sure, that everything from the subject to the signature will bring you closer to your main goals.

As for ROI ( Return on investment), few digital strategies bring more benefits to your brand, than high quality email marketing. Email marketing solutions provide companies with a way to build their authority and connect with consumers in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Businesses of various natures are putting so much effort into optimizing marketing campaigns.

In a world of information overload, it can be difficult to hold a reader's attention. That's why we avoid overusing information in our personalized email marketing content and instead work to create consumable calls-to-action emails, which are easy to identify. Our skilled copywriters can produce anything from press releases to newsletters, that are informative and attractive to recipients, without losing their attention, while our expert team of designers can distinguish the individuality of your brand and your identity.

Your company needs to be focused on ROI (Return on investment). We will work with you, to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing and generate more customers, more traffic and more profits.


Our Email Marketing Strategy

We are an SEO and email marketing agency with an eye on results. To get the results, that you are looking for, we will implement a comprehensive email strategy, designed to convert. As in all areas of business, the more customers you have, that much better. Our traffic generation services can help you build an email subscriber list with targeted strategies, as on your site, as well as outside it. As your email marketing managers, we will continuously capture all leads from your website and beyond, to build multiple subscriber lists and run various email campaigns, generated specifically for the audience, who will receive them in her inbox. We can also create "drip campaigns", that send regular emails to your customers at a pace, which maximizes open clicks.

To be sure, in the success of any campaign, We will track email campaign key metrics, including the click-through rate (CTR) and we will keep track of all results in Google Analytics. You will receive regular progress reports, so you always know what's happening and where we're seeing success.


Focus your resources on email marketing

No matter what you sell, има много голям шанс желаната от вас потребителска база да е активна в проследяването на имейлите си. Достигането до тях чрез входящата им поща е ценен инструмент за привличане на вниманието им и поддържане на силна търговска информираност. Имейл маркетинга е най-директният – и често най-ефективният – начин да се свържете с вашата аудитория, а ефективната маркетингова кампания по имейл може да изпревари както маркетинга за търсене, така и социалните медии по отношение на ROI (Return on investment).

Започнете да достигате до аудиторията

В WebsitebuilderBG можем да ви помогнем да планирате, създавате, изпълнявате и наблюдавате маркетингови кампании по имейл, които са специално създадени, за да отговорят на уникалните нужди на вашата компания и вашата аудитория. За да започнете и да внесете по-качествено съдържание в имейл кампаниите си, насочвайки трафика към вашия сайт, обадете ни се.
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