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There are multiple programs and platforms, which analyze the presence of your business online, but the most used is Google Analytics.

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What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is one of the services, which Google offers to compile detailed statistics about visitors to your website. To activate this system, you need to embed a special code on your website, which collects the information from it and forwards it to Google Analytics, where it appears in the form of tables and graphs. These types of reports, which are done can be generated automatically ( Google Analytics Suggestion Core Implementations, to be monitored and are embedded in the system itself) or be created by you. The data, which are collected during website traffic analysis, contain the following user information:

  • How the user got to your site - using a search engine, direct entry by entering a website or a link from another website or social network;
  • What is the location of people, who visited your website - city, country or state;
  • What software the particular visitor is using - operating system, browser or device type (laptop, tablet, telephone, computer);
  • What is his behavior, when he visits the website - how long he views certain pages, what other sites did he check).

Google Analytics is changing and expanding

Based on the information gathered above, an analysis is made, which can significantly improve your sales and get information about whether your website needs better SEO optimization, to be easily discoverable and well positioned in the Search engine or design, to help customers navigate and adapt faster to achieve conversions.
Google Analytics undoubtedly changes and expands the capabilities of your business, because it gives you important information about user behavior on your website, to which there is no other way, to reach. Think strategically and take care of your sales.

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